Hiking network

Are you an outdoor person? Do you like to spent your free time outside, breathing in the fresh air during an exhilarating hike? Then this is the place to be. The Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland has over 700 km of well-marked hiking routes. All three regions: ‘Hoge Kempen’, ‘Kempen~Broek’ and ‘Maasvallei’ use the same markings for their routes.

A simple recipe

Every hiking area uses the same ingredients. The starting points have been clearly marked, from the different approach roads. You will always find a spot where you can safely leave your car.

At every starting point, a large sign will help you choose the route you want to take, and from there it is easy to follow the markers: a red triangle, a yellow globe, … You will find these symbols on wooden poles all along your route and they will guide you back to the starting area.

You can choose to shorten your route when you get tired, or when feeling adventurous, you can choose to loop in another route to the one you had initially chosen. All the loops are marked in both directions, so there is no risk of getting lost.

No compass is needed to find your way, you can spend all your attention on enjoying the view.

Along the way you will find several bird observatories, picnic areas, information signs and more. They will give you ample opportunity to rest up a bit and enjoy your time in nature.

For every area, there is a map. This map details all the routs and interesting facts of the area. All the maps are combined in one box. There are three different boxes available, one for each of the three regions of the Regional ‘Kempen’ and ‘Maasland’ Landscape.