A landscaping magazine, hiking or cycling maps,… They are all means to inform you of our captivation region and to help you discover something new. (in Dutch)

Exploratory reading

A beautiful region does not only invite to explore it, but it is by its very nature educational.

Are you looking for more information on these regions? Our publications will be at your beck and call. The hiking and cycling maps are an exciting source of information. And more importantly, by purchasing our maps you contribute to nature and landscaping projects.

Biannually we publish a landscaping magazine within our operational region. This enables us to reach thousands of people per year and encourage them to explore new areas.

Not a resident of the region? You prefer reading a paper copy? Email us your information at, add ‘Landscaping magazine’ to the subject line and we will send you the requested copy (in Dutch).

If you want to subscribe to the magazine, please add this request to your mail.