Goldman Prize

International Recognition

Al  Gore Honourary doctor

To connect nature with nature, but also to connect nature with people and policy with practice.

This approach, trademark of the Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland, seems to be very successful. Nature and landscapes nowadays are more often seen as leverage for regional development.

(Re)connection Model:

  1. (Re)Connecting people with nature
  2. (Re)Connecting  nature with nature
  3. (Re)Connecting business with biodiversity
  4. (Re)Connecting policy with practice.


Goldman environmental prize

In April 2008, our director, Ignace Schops, received the Goldman Environmental Prize in the United States of America, for natural conservation on the European continent. This prize can be seen as a sort of “green Nobel Prize”. Successfully founding a National Park in a highly populated region as Flanders is an amazing achievement. The Goldman organization highly values the concept that integrates ecology in economy.

This achievement was made possible through the joint efforts of all the members of a fantastic team  at the Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland and through the cooperation and support of all the partners.

Therefore this prize is dedicated to all those involved, not in the least the Agency for Nature and Forestry.

Ashoka Fellowship

In October 2008, Ignace Schops received a second recognitio, this time in the Cirque Bouglione d’Hiver in Paris. He was awarded the title of ‘fellow’ and got acknowledged as a World leading entrepreneur.

Ashoka is a worldwide organization (Everybody is a changemaker) that strives for a durable society. For nature conservation to receive this prize from the business world is a huge boost for morale.