Species of Limburg

Each commune in Limburg has a very special resident.

Through the project “Municipalities adopt Species of Limburg”, the different communes and the three regional landscapes of Limburg try to meet the objectives of Countdown 2010: putting a stop to the decline of biodiversity.

All 44 municipalities of Limburg have adopted a rare but typical “Species of Limburg”, and the coming years they promised to take extra good care of them.

May we introduce to you:

The 12 municipalities that are part of the Regional Landscap Kempen and Maasland

·         ‘As’: common juniper

·         ‘Bree’: red-backed shrike

·         ‘Dilsen-Stokkem’: saddle-backed bush cricket

·         ‘Genk’: natterjack toad

·         ‘Kinrooi’: purple emperor

·         ‘Lanaken’: mazarine blue

·         ‘Maaseik’: beautiful demoiselle

·         ‘Maasmechelen’: African stonechat

·         ‘Meeuwen-Gruitrode’: bush cricket

·         ‘Opglabbeek’: palmate newt

·         ‘Peer’: common spadefoot

·         ‘Zutendaal’: Glanville fritillary