Harvesting fun facts

·         The harvest of hazelnuts has been halted. The number of species that carried ripe seeds was so high, that the harvesting team had to concentrate on other species. Moreover, the hazel trees on their native locations did not receive enough light to produce the expected 250 kg of nuts.

·         Eglantine only grows in a select few native locations. The quota was barely made. Despite storage, most of the buds are already soft, some are even turning black.

·         Wild privet is a very rare species in Limburg. This quota is impossible to make. The plant is easier found in the hedges of old farmyards in West-Flanders and in smaller amounts in East-Flanders and in the Campine. 

·         This year for the first time, the harvest brigade will harvest holly. We put the starter quota on 2 kg, this shouldn’t be a problem. Although, there are only 4 locations in Limburg where this plant grows, so this quota is on the condition that all these plants will produce seeds.

·         Hornbeam has lost a lot of its economic value in the last century. Many hedges and wood edges made out of hornbeam have disappeared or have been replaced by other species. But the hornbeam hedges have a great value as source for genetic material and as shelter for many species of forest herbs. They are also an important part of our cultural heritage.