Visitor centres

Starting 2011, 7 locations have been installed as visitor centres for the ‘GrensPark Kempen~Broek’.  A corporate identity for the park has been developed, which will make it easier for the visitors to recognize these centres. At the visitor centre, you can find all the information you need to start your trip. They are also the starting points for the different hiking and cycling routes. Two of the visitor centres will function as gateways into the ‘GrensPark’. For Belgium, this will be the ‘Pollismolen’ in ‘Opitter – Bree’, the Netherlands chose the Centre for Nature and Environment the ‘Ijzeren Man’ in ‘Weert’. Here you will get the opportunity to get to know the ‘GrensPark’ a bit better. You can buy maps, a useful tool for organizing your visit to the park. The gateways will have extended opening hours in comparison to the other visitor centres, which will only be open during special events.

Gateway Pollismolen

October 16th, 2011, the first visitor centre (and gateway) opened its doors at the ‘Pollismolen’ in ‘Opitter – Bree (B)’.

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Thursday: 13.00h – 17.00h
Friday: 11.00h – 17.00h
Saturday – Sunday: 13.00h – 15.30h

Address: ‘Molenstraat 56a, Bree (B)’ (across from the Restaurant ‘Pollismolen’)
+32 89 84 85 61

Centre for Nature and Environment the ‘Ijzeren Man’

The Centre for Nature and Environment the ‘Ijzeren Man’ is a very active centre in ‘Weert’ (Nl). Every year they welcome thousands of visitors. Inside you can visit expositions, a petting area and a new, interactive biotope wall. This wall shows you many educational (but still fun) games. It will help you to discover the 5 biotopes of the ‘Ijzeren Man’ area, you can even pick your favourite. At the visitor desk, employees will offer you interesting tips to help you on your way for your trip through the area. Starting 2012, the focus of the centre will be the ‘GrensPark’.
More information:

Opening hours:
From April 1st to September 30th:
    Monday – Friday: 10.00h – 17.00h
    Saturday – Sunday: 13.00h – 17.00h
From November 1st to March 31st:
    Monday – Friday: 10.00h – 16.00h
    Saturday – Sunday: 13.00h – 16.00h
Outside of these hours you can visit the centre on appointment.

Address: ‘Geurtsvenweg 4, Weert (Nl)’ (end of the parking)

5 Visitor centres

•    ‘Smeetshoeve Bocholt: Natuurpunt Bocholt (B)’ will open the centre every Sunday afternoon.
•    ‘Mariahof Bree: Natuurpunt Bree (B)’ will open the ‘NatuurpuntHuis’ every Sunday afternoon. In 2012, another part of the ‘Mariahof’ will be used as the visitor centre
•    ‘Luysmolen Bocholt (B)’: every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, there will be demonstrations on milling
•    ‘Woutershof Kinrooi (B)’
•    ‘Daatjeshoeve Nederweert (Nl)