Horse riding

Both horse and rider are always welcome in ‘Kempen~Broek’

‘Limburgse Kempen’

The network of the province ‘Limburg’ is mostly situated in the ‘Limburgse Kempen’ (B) and consists of 350 km of well-marked routes. The network uses the same system as the cycling network: numbered junctions that you can combine to create your own trip. Once you are familiar with it, this system is very easy to use.
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In and near ‘Weert’

In ‘Weert’ (Nl), 75 km of well-marked routes welcome you to the region. There is also an easy connection with the Belgian network of the ‘Limburgse Kempen’ This network is split up in two larger areas, one above and one below the ‘Zuid-Willemsvaart’. You can combine the different routes to customize your trip.
The northern route (17 km) will show you the most northern room of ‘Kempen~Broek: Weerterheide and Boshoverheide’.
The southern route totals about 21 km. Here, you can also find a 30 km route that is adjusted for carriages.
These routes use their own signalisation system.