It’s a walk in the park.


All the hiking routes in ‘Kempen~Broek’ are colour-coded. And even though they are situated in two different countries, you will not notice that you have crossed a border. All the routes start at one of the starting areas, here you will also find a spot to leave your car. Every route forms a loop, so you will always end your trip on the same place where you started it. The loops can be followed in both directions.

How can you recognize a loop?

Each loop has its own colour and symbol, for instance an orange circle or a red triangle. During your walk, you will find these symbols on wooden poles at regular distances, so it’s not hard to see where you need to go. You can even combine the different loops, to make your walk shorter or longer. All the loops start at one of the starting areas, and they will all end there as well. The distance of each loop you can find on the information sign at the starting point. You can also use the hiking maps that are for sale at the different visitor centres. These maps are very useful tools, they offer extra information on the area you are visiting and, at any point during the walk, you can check where you are. This is very helpful when you decide to combine different loops.

Where to start?

On the tab Starting points, you will find an overview. At every starting point, there is an information sign with details of the different routes.

Hiking box

Would you like to have the hiking maps of all the areas within ‘Kempen~Broek’? Then we suggest you look for our hiking box. You can buy it in the webstore for €16 (excl. shipping cost)

Long distance route: 104km

Do you enjoy a long walk? Then the long distance route is especially for you. The total length is 104km, but there are 7 different locations where you can stop and start again at a different day.

Starting points

A parking lot is available at all the starting points of the long distance route. Sometimes, there is also a small restaurant or a pub present. At certain points, you can find an information sign with all the information of the route. You will also always find information signs with details of the local shorter routes.
•    ‘Woutershof’: parking 1, area: ‘Stramprooierbroek, Grootbroekstraat, Molenbeersel -  Kinrooi (B)’
•    ‘Vosseven (Bei Bisschops)’: parking 5, area: ‘Smeetshof, Lochtstraat 28, Stramproy – Weert (Nl)’
•    Castle ‘Wurfeld’: parking 8, area ‘Tösch – Langeren, Kapelweg 60, Wurfeld – Maaseik (B)’
•    ‘De Wissel’: parking 9, area ‘Itterdal, plaza de Wissel in Opitter – Bree (B)’
•    Centre for Nature and Environment: area ‘Ijzeren Man, Geurtsvenweg 4, Weert (Nl)


These are the parking lots of the local areas, where you can start the long distance route, but where there is no extra information sign with details on this route. Nor is there any catering present here.
•    Parking 1: area ‘Zig en Goort, Doorslagstraat, Molenbeersel – Kinrooi (B)’
•    Parking 3: area ‘St.-Maartensheide – De Luysen, Voorste Luysmolen, Luysenstraat 9 – Bocholt (B)’
•    Parking 4: area ‘Smeetshof, Smeetshofweg 1 – Bocholt (B)’
•    Parking 6: area ‘St.-Maartensheide – De Luysen, Mariahofstraat , Beek – Bree (B)’
•    Parking 10: area ‘Itterdal, Pollismolen, Molenstraat 48, Opitter – Bree (B)’
•    Parking (no number) ‘Laurabossen, Lozerweg – Weert (Nl)’