Life through death

Dead animals are essential for nature. They serve as food for badgers, ravens or mice. Or even for much larger animals, like vultures and boars. Also a large variety of insects and fungi benefit from the presence of a stinking corpse. “Natural Recycling” of carrion is a common practice in nature.  But how does the Dutch public feel about this? What would you say if you encountered a dead animal on your hike? Would you think it is disgusting, or would you find it interesting?

The project “Life through death Limburg” aims to facilitate the return of carrion to nature, and as a result, of large carrion eaters like ravens, vultures and kites. But it also wants to familiarize the public  again with the natural process that death actually is…

In ‘Kempen~Broek’, the idea has risen to create a few locations that are freely accessible, or maybe even part of a guided tour, where nature can do her job undisturbed. We are even considering installing webcams so you can follow this process from the cosy environment of your home.

Do you want to see some spectacular videos of ravens, foxes and marters engorging themselves on corpses? Would you like to receive more information on the benefits carrion provides to nature? Then visit: