Roads are not only barriers for humans, but also for animals and even for plants. ‘Kempen~Broek’ still has large, connected, natural areas, but even here several barriers divide the landscape.

This fragmentation has severe consequences. Habitats are becoming smaller and the distances in between are getting longer. Survival and migration are becoming increasingly more difficult. Also plants suffer when nature and landscapes are fragmented. Birds might still be able to migrate, but food or suitable nesting areas can become scarce.
The impregnable obstacles hinder the exchange between areas and threaten the existence of vulnerable species. With the predicted climate change, their survivability will only increase when they move away from these regions. The vitality of nature benefits from easy connections between different areas. To help animals and plants migrate, defragmentation measures are necessary.
Ecoducts, fauna tunnels, animal friendly river banks or fish ladders are but a few of the examples that can improve the ecological “traffic” and that are foreseen to be implemented in ‘Kempen~Broek’ in the coming years.