Tree frog

Tree frogs have an exotic appearances, with their bright green colour and the funny discs under their feet. Yet it is a local species, although it had nearly vanished from ‘Limburg’. Tree frogs have high demands for their environment, both in the water and on land. Until the sixties, the animal was common in the many pools of the area. Half a century later the draining of the swampland, and the cutting down of brambles and hedgerows made it impossible for the species to survive.

Nowadays, a lot of effort is taken to restore and expand the tree frog habitat between ‘Weert’ (Nl) and ‘Maaseik’ (B). Space for flooding grounds should create a place for the tree frogs to mate in spring. Grouped together, the males call out to the females. This croaking can be heard on warm evenings and can carry over several kilometres.

Investment in the restoration of the swamps in ‘Kempen~Broek’ means expanding the territory of the tree frog. This will create two new important habitats for this species in ‘Limburg’.


Brochure Tree Frogs