The agricultural grounds bought by ARK (a nature development organization in the Netherlands) undergo a drastic, but natural metamorphosis. Wild plants, followed by bushes and trees, take over the former fields and meadows. It will make the area more attractive for all sorts of wild animals. By having herbivores graze the territories, a mix between open and closed areas, between forests and grasslands, originates. Sometimes, nature needs a hand though. Ditches and trenches are filled up. The area can detain water better and longer that way. Also, it is useful to dig out some glens, to provide extra chances for swamp flora and fauna. On the long run, it will be necessary to increase the groundwater level in large parts of ‘Kempen~Broek’.
By removing the lattices between the different lots, small plots are reconnected to form one large area, where cattle can graze freely. Eventually, the aim is to create one huge nature area, where nature rules and humans will mostly be visitors.