Innovative nature compensation

With the financial aid of the Dutch province Limburg, an innovative foundation for acquirement of grounds, as part of the climate buffer project, has been created. And the best part is that this foundation earns back its own expenses.

When somewhere in the region nature is lost as a consequence of residential building or the widening of roads for instance, then the company or organization responsible for this loss has to compensate by buying new territory for nature. This is in accordance with the law, and is practiced everywhere in the Netherlands.

What makes the nature compensation in ‘Kempen~Broek’ unique, is that with financial aid of the province ‘Limburg’, compensation grounds have already been bought in locations that are ideal for the development of nature. Very often we see that in the Netherlands, the compensation grounds are situated in places far removed from the natural areas, that they are too remote for visitors or that they are without any ecological potential. So, when a company or organization has to compensate for the loss of nature through one of their projects, they are offered the possibility to add ground to ‘Kempen~Broek’ for a fair price, in areas perfect for nature development. 

With the earnings of this compensation, the climate buffer project buys new grounds. This way, also future compensation requests can be met, using grounds with sufficient ecological potential. Moreover, companies that want to compensate for their CO2-exhaust with new nature, can this way invest in the region. Currently, we are looking to expand these possibilities.