Hand in hand

In ‘Kempen~Broek’, nature and agricultural areas often lie side by side. This is not an ideal situation, since nature likes a fluctuation groundwater level, whereas agriculture prefers dry soil. By exchanging lower-lying agricultural plots with natural grounds in the higher areas, everybody is happy.
This voluntary land consolidation provides farmers with better suited areas for agriculture. Moreover, the excavated material originating from the development of the swamp is used to improve the agricultural lots. Also, the farmers can aid in the maintenance of the new nature areas, if they so desire.
Wet farmland is bought and transformed back to nature. These grounds are chosen specifically to create one large nature area, where the hydrological regime is natural and the artificial drainage through canals is eliminated. The result is a large, continuous natural area, where hikers and cyclists can enjoy the environment, but more importantly, where the chances for survival for thousands of animal and plant species will increase drastically.