In ‘Kempen~Broek’ large, interconnected natural areas are very common. They offer space for large grazers like cattle, horses or deer. These animals ensure that the vegetation won’t become too thick. Furthermore, they transform barren, tight forest edges near former agriculture land into a more natural area. Here, grasslands convert to forests, with in between several bushes that make the progress more smoothly. Many birds, butterflies, dragonflies and small animals will find a nice place to live here.

Grazing has become indispensable for nature, it is an essential part of the natural ecosystem. Many nature development projects have already proven that herbivores play an important role in the restoration of natural areas.

Natural grazing is very demanding for the animals. They will stay outside all year and they will have to provide for themselves, they will not be fed extra. Many horses and cows nowadays are no longer suited for such a life. Therefore, in many nature conservation areas, you will find Highland cattle, Galloways (Scottish cattle) or Koniks (Polish primitive horses).

Recently, the ‘Stichting Taurus’, a non-profit organization in the Netherlands, launched the project “TaurOs”. They are trying to breed a new species of cattle, as close to the now extinct auroch as possible. In 2012, the first auroch calves should be born. ‘Kempen~Broek’ plays an important role in this project as “delivery room”.