Climate buffer

The ‘GrensPark Kempen~Broek’ functions as a climate buffer.

The ‘BorderPark Kempen~Broek’ functions as a climate buffer. It makes sure rain is captured in the headwater of the creeks, so that waterlogging in the tail reach is avoided. During dry, hot summers, the stored water acts as cooling and provides chances for nature and agriculture.
Climate buffers provide an important contribution for a climate resistant Benelux and can grow at the same rate as that with which the climate changes.
Climate buffers are beautiful areas, rich in water, where people love to recreate, to live, and to work. The detainment of the water also has benefits for the economy. There is sufficient water for the city, for agriculture, and for industry. Our living climate improves: the water storage provides cooling during hot summers  and the preservation of nature is beneficial for flora and fauna, as well as for mankind, since we can enjoy a much more diversified nature.
Due to the project “Climate buffer ‘Kempen~Broek’”, ARK Nature Development, the ‘Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland’ and many other partners can acquire key areas in the region. Through voluntary land consolidation between agrarians, nature organizations and other land owners, the climate buffer can grow. And that means that the water containment will grow. A next step for the project is the creation of a corridor between the ‘Stramprooierbroek’ and the ‘Wijfelterbroek’, two ecological important swamp forests.