In the ‘GrensPark’, partners of different sectors work together: nature, agriculture, forestry, municipalities, tourism, …

Several partners participated in the realisation of the ‘GrensPark Kempen~Broek’. The common aim is to synchronize all the initiatives in the region, to create one large, interconnected and transgressing landscape where nature and culture receive extra attention, but where there are also possibilities to enjoy this nature and landscape.
To facilitate this cooperation, the following structures exist:
•    The Steering Committee surveys the operations of the project agency, it decides on the members of the Project Management Group and determines the annual operational objectives and actions for ‘Kempen~Broek’. The members discuss advice given by the project agency and the Project Management Group and approve or disapprove the execution. In this group, all the involved policy makers are represented.
•    The Project Management Group supports the project agency and offers advice to the Steering Committee. This group focuses on the actual projects in ‘Kempen~Broek’ (education, communication, and maintenance). These projects are then presented to the Steering Committee for execution. The Project Management Group consists off all the experts of nature organizations, tourism and environmental offices.
The project agency is a part of the non-profit organization ‘Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland’ and represents all the different partners.