On the border between Belgian and Dutch ‘Limburg and Noord-Brabant’ you can find ‘Kempen~Broek’, a “borderpark” that, due to its size, is unique in Belgium and the Netherlands.

A headstrong landscape

‘Kempen~Broek is situated in the so called “Lowland of Bocholt (B)”; at the north-east side of the ‘Kempens Plateau’. Several creeks from the plateau meet up in the lowland, creating a humid marshland. On the higher grounds, you will find the drier sand-dunes. The inhabitants of this swamp area used to cultivate the more accessible regions for their maintenance. The result is a diversified landscape where wet alternates with dry, open with closed and nature with culture.

Infinite experience

There is plenty to see for the visitors of ‘Kempen~Broek’. Hikers, cyclists, riders, charioteers and mountain bikers can enjoy the landscape, the nature, the culture and the silence at their own pace, thanks to the colour-coded routes.
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‘Kempen~Broek’ is known by nature lovers for its rare plants and animals. To get to know these special inhabitants, you can participate in one of our guided activities.

One house with many rooms

The peculiar landscape of ‘Kempen~Broek’ consists of a mosaic of many different parts. You can look at it as a house with many rooms. Every room has something to offer and it is characterized by its own atmosphere: forests, swamps, meadows, creek valleys, …
And like in any house, you can move from one room to the next, but discovering a specific room can take half a day or more.  Each room also has its own door, a place where there is even more to experience. ‘St.-Maartensheide’ has the ‘Voorste Luysmolen’, ‘Smeetshof’ has the ‘Smeetshoeve’, in ‘Weert (Nl)’ you can find the Nature and Environment Centre ‘De Ijzeren Man’… , each one a good starting area to explore the region.

Overview map ‘Kempen~Broek’