For hikers, the ‘Hoge Kempen’ National Park is definitely THE place to be.  There are 5 hiking areas, each represented by a local gateway. And then here is the long distance walk, 72 km, all the way around the park.
Put on your hiking boots and start exploring this unique area today.
All the hiking routes in the National Park use the same signalisation system.

5 Hiking routes, all leaving from a local gateway:

Each route within a certain area has a specific colour and symbol: e.g. a red triangle or an orange ball. Throughout the whole trip you will find these symbols on wooden posts. As long as you follow the symbols, finding your way is easy. Sometimes, two or more routes follow the same path, in that case you will find all the symbols on the wooden posts. Is a certain route too short or too long for you, you can easily combine the different routes and create your own, custom trip. All the routes departing from a specific starting points will return to this starting point.

To know the distance of a certain route, check the information boards at the starting point. You can also find the distances on our hiking maps. When you are combining different routes, we highly recommend using the hiking maps, so at any point during your walk, you can check where you are.

- hiking at gateway Mechelse Heide: purple heather (aug.-sept.), panoramic views, hotspot

- hiking at gateway Pietersheim: glorious forest, immense quietness

-hiking at gateway Kattevennen: forest, ecoveloduct, easily reachable by public transport

-hiking at gateway Lieteberg: variation of forest, heather, fields, mostly outside the National Park

- hiking at gateway Station As: dense forest

Long distance walk of 72km:

This 72 km long route is symbolised by our logo, the paw of a fictitious animal. Like the shorter routes, you will also find this sign on wooden posts. This route can again be followed in both directions.

Interested in spending the night? On our maps you can find a list of possible lodgings where you can also receive information on the National Park (see annex at the bottom of the page) or you can book the three-day-arrangement at the Bed & Breakfast: ‘De Edelsteen’.

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Sturdy shoes or boots are a must.
After your trip, please check for tics.
Use insect repellent in the summer
Dogs are always welcome, but please keep them on their leash