Interested in spending more than 1 day in the ‘Hoge Kempen’ National Park? Then there are several possibilities.

Would you rather be spoiled with fresh eggs and sandwiches in the morning? Then we have a broad assortment of hotels and guestrooms, ranging from grand luxury to charming farmsteads. And when you prefer to cook your own meals, there is the possibility to rent a studio or holiday house.

Groups and clubs can stay at specific bivouac areas or youth hostels.

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National Park accommodation:

Do you want to stay at a place where you can also get information on the ‘Hoge Kempen’ National Park? Then we suggest the below lodgings. They are situated in the vicinity of the National Park, they all sell the hiking maps of the National Park, distribute copies of the visitor guide, can make suggestions on things to do and above all, offer some very nice arrangements.


Carbon hotel****, Genk,

Hotel Résidence Stiemerheide****, Genk,

Eurotel****, Lanaken,

Hostellerie La Butte aux Bois****, Lanaken,

Hostellerie Mardaga****, As,

Atlantis hotel***, Genk, ,

Hotel Ecu***, Genk,

Hotel De Venne***, Genk,

Hotel Lika***, Maasmechelen,

Hostellerie Rotheim***, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Hostellerie La Feuille d'Or***, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Hotel Monika***, Zutendaal,

Kasteel Pietersheim***, Lanaken, (tijdelijk gesloten)

Hotel 't Hert**, Genk,

Hotel Hoeve Kiewit**, Gellik-Lanaken,

Hotel De Maretak**, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Hotel The Oak*, Zutendaal,

Hotel Beau Séjour, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Bed & Breakfasts:

Gastenkamers La Mine Colline, Genk,

Gastenkamers Boven de Galerie, Oud-Rekem Lanaken,

Gastenkamers De Hondsroos, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Gastenkamer Elerheide, Dilsen-Stokkem, Gastenkamers Op de Wal, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Gastenkamers Huyze Max, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Gastenkamers 't Poorthuys, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Gastenkamers 't Vossehol, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Gastenkamers De Edelsteen, Zutendaal,

Gastenkamers Landhuis De Vrekel, Zutendaal,

B&B Basil, Leut-Maasmechelen,

Rental holidayhomes:

Vakantiewoning 't Klein Gerigt, Neerharen-Lanaken,

Vakantiewoning De Koetsier van Maasmechelen,

Vakantiewoning Hoeve Kompveld, Gellik-Lanaken,

Vakantiewoning Tievishoeve, Opglabbeek,

Vakantiewoning Nabij Maastricht, Maasmechelen,

Vakantiewoning hoeve In Die Haeghe, +89-760588

Vakantiewoning Tivoli, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Campsites & parks:

Camping Jocomo****, Lanaken,

Recreatieoord Wilhelm Tell****, Opglabbeek,

Camping Zavelbos***, Maaseik,

Narvik HomeParc Mooi Zutendaal***, Zutendaal,

Camping 't Soete Dal**, Zutendaal,

Camping De Kikmolen**, Maasmechelen,

Accommodation for groups:

Verblijfscentrum Pietersheim, Lanaken,

Jeugdherberg Bokrijk, Genk,

Jeugdcentrum De Kalei, Dilsen-Stokkem,

Vakantiehuis Fabiola, Maasmechelen,