When you are overwhelmed by the vastness of the heathland, or enchanted by the mysterious charm of the forests, you will appreciate the beauty of nature even more. This connection is essential for the long term success of nature and landscape projects.

The ‘Hoge Kempen’ National Park is very successful. The large numbers of visitors is proof of this. Therefore it is important that the chances created in tourism are utilized maximally, but without lowering the natural potential. Parking areas in natural materials and interesting visiting centres ensure that the nature loving recreationist will will be guided on his way.

Five Gateways welcome you to the National Park. The visitor centres located here are the starting points for your discovery trip into nature. Because what is more relaxing that a walk through a beautiful landscape. 200 km of well-marked hiking routes take you to the most enchanting spots in the region, with or without the guidance of one of our National Park Rangers. For cyclists and horse riders, there is the junction network, that allows them to plan their trip through the Park.

Regardless whether you walk, cycle or ride, you can be certain to discover something new.