Heather is a natural habitat for many species of birds, like the Curlew, the Woodlark, and the Nightjar.  In August and September, several species of heath like common heather and bell heather, colour hundreds of hectares of the ‘Hoge Kempen’ purple.

The ‘Kempen’ is situated at the eastern side of Flanders, so it is protected from the influence of the sea. There exists a more continental climate, which is beneficial for several species of trees, e.g. the Sessile oak.

Because of the large diversification in biotopes, many warmth-loving insects like the blue-winged grasshopper or the Common Yellow Swallowtail can be found on the south facing slopes.

At the most sunny spots of the park, you can sometimes find the harmless smooth snake, basking in the sun. With species like the moor frog, the natterjack toad, and the viviparous lizard, the ‘Hoge Kempen’ is a very important habitat for amphibians and reptiles.

The vast forests of the park are home to a large population of deer, as well as remarkable birds of prey, like the hawk.