Logo & Brand

Because the National Park is one large area, the Regional Landscape Kempen and Maasland searched for a unambiguous, easy to recognize, and inspiring way to communicate. Therefore they developed a logo for the Hoge Kempen National Park and her 5 gateways.

Logo Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen Logo Kattevennen Logo Lieteberg Logo Mechelse Heide Logo Pietersheim Logo Station As

To create a recognisable brand, RLKM searched for a colour, a style and several elements like benches, information boards, signal boards, all in the same style. A main element for this were the rocks in all shapes and forms that can be found in the different landscapes of the ‘Hoge Kempen’. The yellow ochre colour comes from the gravel that makes up large parts of the soil.

The logo is made out of stones in the form of a paw print of a fictitious animal, to reflect the base idea of the Park: “Following Nature’s trail”. The aim was to invite people to actively look for nature, to respect it and to convince them that creating more nature in Flanders is not an impossible quest. The choice of rocks as a theme is also reflected on the terrains itself, boulders in all forms and shapes are displayed near the gateways to welcome visitors to the Park.

Furthermore, all 5 gateways have established their own identity and atmosphere. Therefore, each of them received their own logo and colour. The connection with the Park is maintained through the use of rocks in each of the logo’s, and the introduction of each gateway as a “Gateway into the National Park”.

All together: logo, image and names form a unity and are always used as such.

Gateway ‘As’ is represented by a wheel and a green colour. This signifies the movement of the trains and bicycles and the dark green pine forests of this former mining area.

Gateway ‘Mechelse Heide’ guides its visitors on their way with a human footprint. It is an area that is best suited for hiking. The purple colour comes from the beautiful heather flowers that you will see on your trip.

The sword of the gateway ‘Pietersheim’ came in a noble blue. It highlights the historical importance of the castle and its park on this former royal domain.

At the gateway ‘Lietenberg’ it is the summer that welcomes you with a honey colour and a butterfly symbol. This gateway has focused on the micro cosmos of bees, butterflies and insects in general.

Gateway ‘Kattevennen’ shows us a much larger side of our world, namely our universe, represented by a planet in a nightly blue sky.