Startpoint: Station As

Hiking routes

3.4 km 45 min
bos helling
5.3 km 75 min
bos heide
12.2 km 120 min
bos helling landbouw
3.8 km 60 min
bos helling landbouw
4.4 km 60 min
5.8 km 90 min
10.6 km 150 min
7.8 km 120 min
bos landbouw
3.4 km 45 min
bos helling
6 km 90 min
bos helling

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Hiking : Station As

The hiking routes of ‘Station As’ will show you the typical landscape of the ‘Hoge Kempen’. The vast heather fields of yore have been replaces by pine forests and farm land. Still, there are some beautiful areas that will give  you an idea of the former heather, like ‘Bosheide’, or ‘Driebanken’. The ‘Dilserbos’ and the ‘Lanklaarderbos’ will challenge your courage with some sturdy slopes of the ‘Kempens Plateau’. 

The history of Limburg as a mining area has left its traces in the landscape. Old forests, country roads and homesteads will paint you a picture of the past. As an added bonus, 2 hiking routes take you through the enchanting landscape of the valley of the ‘Bosbeek’, an area with soft sloping hills, humid swamps and clear water of the ‘Bosbeek’. 

The hiking area of ‘Station As’ consists of 10 hiking routes, 3 start at the Gateway ‘Station As’, 5 from various starting points in the region.

Starting points:

- Gateway ‘Station As, Stationstraat, As’

- Starting point ‘Wilhelm Tell’

- Starting point ‘Driepaalhoeve’

- Starting point ‘Sparredal’

- Starting point ‘Litzberg’

- Starting point ‘Geological site’


  • Make sure you are wearing hiking shoes or boots
  • Make sure you check for ticks afterwards
  • During the summer period, use an insect repellent
  • Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a leash