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Station As

  station as

‘Station As’ is the gateway dedicated to the wheel. This symbol refers to both the wheels on the old coal trains, now used as a touristic ride, and the wheels on the numerous bicycles that pass here every year. At this gateway, you can indulge yourself in the history of the coalmines in Limburg. The central building is the old station building of the commune ‘As’. Thanks to the enthusiastic volunteers of the non-profit organization ‘Kolenspoor’ you can take a ride in an old diesel train, to ‘Waterschei’ or to ‘Eisden’, both also former mining communities. For a special experience, you can spend the night in an authentic overnight train. ‘Station As’ is also a nice starting point for bicycle rides through the National Park, a beautiful walk through ‘Bosheide’ or to visit the nearby geological site. It harbours the smallest visitor centre of the National Park, where you can find all the information for your visit to the ‘Hoge Kempen’ National Park and the Gateway ‘Station As’.

Open during office hours
Contact: +32 (0) 89 39 10 86;;

Watchtower: The 31 meter high watchtower is a replica of the derrick with which André Dumont discovered coal in ‘As’ in 1901. It offers a nice view over the ‘Hoge Kempen’ National Park. You are free to climb up the tower to a height of 25 meter.
Open during office hours.
Contact: +32 (0) 89 39 10 86;;

Cycling: this Gateway is a starting point for bicycle rides through the forests of the National Park, the valley of the Meuse, or the soft slopes of the ‘Bosbeekvallei’.

‘Station van Asch’: A pub, typical for a train station. Drink a cup of coffee in this beautiful setting, or while enjoying the sun on the platform.
01/04-31/10: from 10.00am
01/11-31/03: from 10.00u, closed on Wednesday
Contact: +32 (0) 89 24 58 45;


By car: On the E314, take exit 32 – follow the N75 Direction ‘As, Dilsen-Stokkem’, take a left at the 3rd light
By bus: take bus 9 or bus 11 (more information on