Startpoint: Pietersheim

Hiking routes

3.7 km 60 min
bos goedrolstoel educatiefpad
4.7 km 75 min
bos helling geenrolstoel
8.7 km 135 min
bos helling geenrolstoel
13.4 km 195 min
bos heide helling geenrolstoel
4.2 km 60 min
14.8 km 225 min
bos heide helling geenrolstoel
4 km 60 min
8.2 km 120 min
bos heide geenrolstoel

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Hiking : Pietersheim

We definitely recommend the short hike through the castle park. With its deciduous forest, its avenues and its orchards, it has a very different character then the drier ‘Hoge Kempen’. Almost all of the hiking routes are situated inside the National Park, sometimes significant climbing is necessary due to the differences in height of the terrain.

There are 8 well-marked hiking routes with the following starting points:

- Gateway ‘Pietersheim, Neerharenweg 12, B-3620 Lanaken’

- Starting point Campus ‘St. Barbara, Bessemerstraat 478, B-3620 Lanaken’

- Starting point ‘Bessemer’, crossing between ‘Bessemerstraat and Gijzenveldstraat, B-3620 Lanaken’

- Starting point ‘Hostellerie La Butte aux Bois, Paalsteenlaan 90, B-3620 Lanaken’


Make sure you are wearing hiking shoes or boots
Make sure you check for ticks afterwards
During the summer period, use an insect repellent
Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a leash