Startpoint: Lieteberg

Hiking routes

5.3 km 75 min
bos landbouw goedrolstoel
8.1 km 120 min
bos helling landbouw geenrolstoel
14 km 210 min
bos helling landbouw
4.3 km 60 min
bos rolstoel
7.4 km 105 min
bos geenrolstoel
10.9 km 165 min
bos landbouw geenrolstoel
9.6 km 135 min
bos geenrolstoel
3 km 45 min

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Hiking : Lieteberg

With the exception of the ‘Vierlandsherenpunt’, all hiking routes starting at the ‘Lieteberg’ fall outside the National Park. This does not mean they are not very charming natural areas on themselves. They are situated on the soft slanting southern hillside of the ‘Hoge Kempen’. Most heather has given way to pine forests, but you can still find some very nice relics of heather at the ‘Bezoensberg’. And the ‘Hesselberg’ contains the second biggest plantation of juniper. More to the south, the regions ‘Hoefaert’, ‘Roelen’ and ‘Gellik’ have a lot to offer. In ‘Hoefaert’ and ‘Roelen’ you will find some very diversified woodlands, whilst ‘Gellik’ is situated near the border with ‘Haspengouw’, which explains the amount of orchards around the villages.

There are 8 well-marked hiking routes with the following starting points:

  • Gateway ‘Lieteberg’, ‘Blookbergstraat, B-3690 Zutendaal’
  • Starting point ‘Hoefaert, Parking lot Hoefaert, transition Hoefaertweg – Dorpsstraat, B-3620 Gellik – Lanaken’
  • Starting point ‘Dorpsplein Zutendaal, Vijverplein, B-3690 Zutendaal’
  • Starting point ‘Bessemer, crossroad Bessemerstraat and Gijzenveldstraat, B-3690 Zutendaal’
  • Starting point ‘Roelen, transistion Roelerweg – Kiewitseweg, B-3690 Zutendaal’
  • Starting point Recreational Park ‘De Krieckaert, Krieckaertlaan, B-3620 Gellik – Zutendaal’


Make sure you are wearing hiking shoes or boots
Make sure you check for ticks afterwards
During the summer period, use an insect repellent
Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a leash