Startpoint: Kattevennen

Hiking routes

4.6 km 60 min
bos rolstoel
7.2 km 105 min
bos rolstoel
9.9 km 150 min
bos rolstoel

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Hiking : Kattevennen

The hiking routes starting at ‘Kattevennen’ are the ideal connection between the centre of Genk and the National Park. The vast pine forests are an excellent environment for an intensive walk. Due to the presence of the Botanical Park, the sundials of the ‘Molenvijver’ park and the Path of the Planets, it is also an educational trip.

Examples of possible trips are: following a “wooden plank path”, hiking to the ‘ecoveloduct’ (an ecoduct for both fauna and cyclists), and many more.

There are three well-marked hiking routes with the following starting points:

  • Gateway ‘Kattevennen, Planetariumweg 19, B-3600 Genk’
  • The starting point ‘Heempark, Hoogzij 7, B-3600 Genk’
  • The starting point ‘Grot O.L.V. Lourdes, Veugenstraat 48, B-3690 Zutendaal’ (‘Wiemesmeer’)

 Attention: You can start your trip at the train station of Genk. Please follow the brown signposts. Make sure to make a halt at the Botanical Garden