Cancellation Policy

The following terms of annulment apply:

·         When cancelling the activity more than 21 calendar days before the reserved date, no costs will be charged. If you already paid, you will be fully refunded
·         When cancelling the activity between 21 and 8 calendar days before the reserved date, an administrative cost of € 10 will be charged
·         When cancelling the activity 7 calendar days or less before the reserved date, we will charge you full costs.

What happens when it is bad weather?
When the weather conditions are extremely bad, the activity may be postponed to a later date, or you will be refunded, according to mutual agreement

Attention: this guarantee is only valid when, on the day of the activity, one of the following people has been contacted by phone

·         The Ranger organization +32 (0) 78 15 04 27 (during weekdays)

·         The Ranger (during weekends)


Circumstances beyond one’s control

The Ranger organization has the right to cancel activities without being held responsible for any loss of income suffered by third parties. Events will only be cancelled in exceptional circumstances, when the safety of the visitors cannot be guaranteed: during storms, floods, heavy snow, closing down of the area by the government (epidemic, fire risks)

In these cases, the same conditions apply as with bad weather.